Albany Lodge Conference Centre, Auckland Review

A company has to organize multiple business meetings and conferences throughout the year. Be it an AGM, a Sales conference, executive meetings, training session or a workshop for the local business, selecting the right venue is what matters. Usually the business conferences are held at motels or lodges. But when it comes to organizing a business conference or workshop it is important to select an appropriate venue that gives a professional look to the meeting.

Well if you have a business in Auckland, New Zealand and you are looking for the perfect venue for the conference then you should try the Albany Lodge Conference Centre. This article covers all the reasons why you should organize your company’s AGMs or any other executive meeting/conference at this venue.

Separate Conference Rooms:

No doubt there are many venues in Auckland where you can organize your conferences and business meetings. But when it comes to Albany Lodges, they provide you something extra and that is the separate conference rooms. It means that they have seperate place/room to carry out the business conferences and does not organize the conference at the same room for other events. Moreover, they have more than one conference rooms so that more than one company or organization can carry out their conference easily.

Proper Conference Equipments:

Another great thing about the Albany Lodges is that they provide you all the necessary equipments and items to carry out the conference or workshop smoothly. They have the white boards, Data projector, Markers, Flip charts and data projector screen in all of their conference rooms and they don’t charge anything for that. These equipments and items comes free of charge with the conference rooms.

Best Food and Beverage Service:

Organizing a workshop or a conference ? then you definitely need some food and beverage service as well. Which is why albany lodges is the right place for your business meetings and conferences. They provide the best quality food and beverage services to their clients. Not only the food quality is good but they also have the best menu and taste.

Affordable and Economical:

Though the business organizations and other corporations usually have a big budget for organizing conferences and meetings. But who doesn’t want to pursue an economical option? The albany lodges charges a fair and appropriate charges for the conference rooms that is around NZD$190.00 per day in case or 4 or more hours and NZD$150.00 per half day in case meeting/conference time is up to 4 hours. Even Though the prices are affordable, the Albany Lodges does not compromise on their services.

In addition to the above qualities Albany Lodge Conference Center is also known for its experienced and professional staff. Moreover the venue has the perfect interior and its a great place to have your business workshops or conferences. The ambiance is great and you can add more reputation and  value to business by arranging your business here.

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